The Cathedral Music Trust has named Croydon Minster along with 21 choirs around the country, including Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and St David’s in Wales, to receive grants. The money from the grant will enable a singing development leader to go into schools to promote singing and all the benefits that accrue from it.

“We want children and teachers to find their voices,” says our Director of Music, Justin Miller.“When children sing, they are taking in and processing a vast amount of information in an extremely complex way.

This uses more areas of the brain than any other activity. If it’s made an enjoyable experience, they don’t even know they are doing it. The benefits in terms of confidence, socialisation, numeracy, and language development are well-documented, aiding both the individual and the school environment.”

The award will mean that choristers coming for rehearsals at the Minster will also be able to have individual singing lessons too. Our incumbent, Fr Andrew, welcomed the grant. “The Cathedral Music Trust grant is great news for Croydon Minster and for choral singing in Croydon.

The grant makes possible our long-held aspirations to widen the choral excellence we already have and, working in partnership with local schools, to share this wonderful tradition of music with more children and young people.”

Peter Allwood, the chair of the Cathedral Music Trust, said, “Sacred choral music brings joy to people and life to our cathedrals, churches and communities. This round of funding will help develop the music-making in choral foundations that is deeply loved and admired by local communities and international audiences.”