Our Organist and Director of Music, Dr Ronny Krippner, has been appointed Director of Music  at Ripon Cathedral, subject to the usual checks. 

This is bittersweet news. We will, of course, be sad to say goodbye but are deeply thankful for  all Ronny has achieved and proud that he goes to a cathedral of such repute in its choral  tradition and witness to the Gospel in the north of England since the days of St Wilfrid. 

In his time in Croydon Ronny has developed and strengthened the already outstanding choral  tradition of Croydon Minster. He has worked creatively and conscientiously with boy and girl  choristers from the schools of the John Whitgift Foundation and a range of other local schools.  Under Ronny’s direction the choir has made CD recordings, sung in Cathedrals around the  country and broadcast on BBC1 (Midnight Mass), BBC Radio3 (choral evensongs) and BBC  Radio4 (Morning Service). He has led the choir through the challenges of the pandemic. 

Ronny’s post at the Minster is also made possible by his role as Director of Choral Music at  Whitgift School, which is a valued, productive and creative partnership for the school and the  Minster. 

Ronny will continue in post at Croydon for the Michaelmas term and his final service will be  Christmas morning 2021. We are grateful to the Dean and Chapter of Ripon for giving us this  time to see through the resumption of choral music as lockdown eases, to put in place our plans  and make an appointment here. 

Please pray for Ronny and his family and for the continued making of music to the glory of God  in Croydon and Ripon.