Everyone living in England lives within a Church of England parish and, as such, is eligible for baptism within the Church of England. We hope that in seeking baptism you will want to find out more about the Christian faith into which you or your child will be baptised and to begin to find out more about what it means to be a member of the family of the church.

Baptism has responsibilities for those who bring young children and babies for baptism. Parents and those who whom they choose to be godparents make promises on behalf of the child that they will help them to grow up in the Christian faith. Together with the church community, they will nurture the growing child with the aim that they will eventually become a full member of the church through confirmation.

Adults who have come to faith and seek baptism will also come to be confirmed and to become full members of the church. Speak to one of our clergy, call the Parish Office on 020 8688 8104 or email if you would like to find out more.