The serving team consists of faithful and diligent adults and young people aged between 7 and 65. Servers are trained in the art of serving as required here. All servers are robed. On most Sundays we are fortunate enough to have seven servers.

Younger servers train as the ‘boat’ which means they carry the incense boat and walk with the thurifer. After a suitable period of time and once they feel comfortable with this duty, they progress to the role of second acolyte, which means they are trained to carry a candle in procession. The second acolytes have limited duties. After further training, second acolytes progress to first acolyte, which means they have more duties during the offertory.

All servers are encouraged to learn all the duties, but are not forced to. Some prefer to carry out limited duties. More experienced servers will also act as crucifers or thurifers and all are encouraged to join the Southwark Chapter of the Company of Servers. Those who are members are permitted to wear the Company medallion when serving.